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A fast-paced bullet hell-ish where not just the player grows stronger in groups!

  • Avoid swarms of enemies and convert them into allies with your bullets!
  • Use tight movement controls to manoeuvre around your enemies!
  • Try to play against the strengths of the varied enemies!

The most common enemy, a really simple opponent. All they will do is chase you, but watch out! If they hit you, they can deal a hefty amount of damage, so make sure to deal with them before that. This enemy can also be converted into a protector.

This entity wants to help you for some reason, even though you likely just shot them to turn them into this! They will follow you, dealing no damage to you, but if an enemy hits them, it will destroy both the enemy and the protector. Make sure you have a nice group of these guys together to protect you!

These guys are insane. You better have a nice group of protectors around you, because otherwise one of these might fly straight into you and demolish your health!

Try and get around these enemies! They will try and turn their shield in your direction to block all incoming shots, but there is a chance they will mess up and move it in the wrong direction and you can get a shot on them!

Try and take out these guys quickly! While not much of a threat themselves, these walking battleships can summon more basic enemies to swarm you.


I am very sorry that I could not submit a WebGL build, but unfortunately, it refused to work properly due to a shader I am using.


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